Social Media Content

Use Motion to Stop the Scroll

Stopping that scroll is more than half the battle. You can link to a video or anything else in your post because once they click they expect to have to wait for the reward. They won’t wait for anything to load when scrolling. GIFs grab the viewer’s attention and will load much quicker than video.

GIFs have been around for a while but they’re still going strong. BTW, even though the inventor of the format pronounces them JIFFs, I pronounce GIFs with a hard G because they are not peanut butter. 🙂

Create Kindness Campaign

The Kindness Changes Everything video was envisioned, cast, shot, edited and posted within two days. Luckily, all the people and props were right at hand when they were needed.

The Video and desktop / mobile banners were well received on the website and social media channels. The product sold out quickly and customer service was left to tell many callers that no more kits were available.

It’s The Little Things Campaign

The images for It’s the Little Things were shot in the studio using only the modeling lights. It was probably a five second exposure with an aperture around f3.5.

Each month typically has three different web campaign banners that rotate on a carousel on the main website. Each banner has two sizes for desktop and mobile. Then there are three markets that each have spelling and currency differences. Usually, the banner images are also used on the company blog, Facebook, SnapChat and posted for consultants to use on their own sales media.

Color Your World Campaign

This Color Your World campaign video features Jill demonstrating and explaining some embellishment techniques. Motion graphics complement her dialogue to strengthen her message.

The image for the mobile version displays spelling change for the Australian market.

Live Beautifully Campaign

The Live Beautifully campaign video was shot in studio. Typical gear consists of 4 to 5 1K LED lamps with soft boxes and reflectors. Canon lenses and cameras recording HDMI to Atmos removable drives.
The company Facebook cover updates monthly with each new campaign image.

Additional Videos

A recruiting video featuring ten professional actors shot on location in one long day.

The Hotel Story as a sales tool that features photography created for Hampton Inns, Fairfield Suites, and Hilton’s Home2.

The Welcome Home Wreath video features Live action and motion graphics to show the assembly of the kit.

This How A Stamp Is Made video was created to be shown only at a convention tour. Most of the action seen in this video is completely fictitious because the actual process to make polymer stamps is a closely guarded trade secret.

Meet Lawrence the award winning Lab Rat as he guides you through a few of the social media campaigns that I created in 2017.

Webcasting is the Future

Ask me about Webcasting with multiple HD cameras! I will tell you that you should go where your customers are and that is on Facebook.