Creativity From Constraints

We shot this in July 2012 when the temperature was near 100˚F and our snowboard model, Brent Steffensen, was dressed in full winter gear.

Brent is a professional stuntman and extreme athlete based out of Los Angeles California. He is also a member of the Flying Aces, ( ), an acrobatic aerialist team that performs around the country. It was truly amazing to watch him work. He would be flying 30 feet in the air and we would ask something like, “Can you do that flip the other direction?” He would say, “Sure” and pop it out immediately as if it required no effort at all.

We set up the trampoline outside on the grass and I shot over 400 frames that were combined into an animated web banner that had the snowboarder flying out of the airport jetway and landing onto the snow on the sidebar. This animation was shown on travel and ski interest websites such as and

The shoot was commissioned by Struck’s Salt Lake City office and their client Ski Utah. The campaign consisted of three magazine ads and an animated web banner. The campaign had the theme, “You’ve Arrived”, because there are 11 ski resorts within 30 minutes of the Salt Lake City airport. We obtained permission to shut down a baggage carousel and shoot with models in the busy airport.

The magazine ads were shot on location and in studio with the Hasselblad, 210 mm lens and a PhaseOne P45+ back utilizing Broncolor strobes. The 400 shots for the web banner were imaged with a Canon 1DS MKIII mated with a prime 80 mm lens and shooting at 10 frames per second outside in the bright daylight. All of these shots were hand focused and all camera automation was suppressed to maximize the Canon’s frame rate.

Account Executive: Stevie Meier (Struck)

Client: Tim Roberts (Ski Utah)

See the behind-the-scenes video here:

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