Fire Brand

If your visual message is off brand your sales may be headed the wrong direction. Every image has the purpose of communicating the vitality of your brand. By respecting your brand your customers will never see anything that dilutes it’s essence.

These images of caskets were shot for a catalog that is displayed inside funeral homes. Typically it’s a very difficult time for people when they have to purchase a casket and funeral homes don’t typically have many in stock. People will look at this catalog and make their choice based on the images.

Sample caskets would arrive at our studio by the truckload. We would unload and prepare and style each one, shoot it and put it back on the truck. All of the caskets were shot on a stand just on plain white paper. Then the reflective background was created in Photoshop. The reflection of the casket is made by inverting the image of the casket and then distorting its form to fit.

The final image in the series was never shown to the client because it’s not how their clients want to see their products. Can It get any further off brand? It clearly doesn’t belong. It was just a quick little shot for Marty Steinberg who happened by the studio when I was shooting and wanted a picture of himself inside of a casket.