Familiarize the Unknown

Marketers often use the word NEW because they really are promoting something that is new. While NEW is touted as a good thing, the problem is that something NEW is also something unknown. Potential customers can get lost in the unknown. Even if a new product or service is significantly better than what came before, it can still be disorienting. Confronting your customers with something NEW is like dropping them off in the wilderness.
Like a map in an unfamiliar territory, an informative picture can give your customer the information they need to feel safe and sure in a new environment. It helps familiarize new features and new benefits by providing visual representation to relate to. Those features and benefits then become the landmarks on the path to your customer’s purchasing decision.

It is sometimes a long road between customer engagement and customer acquisition. Your customers need information to successfully travel that road. Like a map, an informative image has the purpose of guiding your customers to where you would like them to go and not get lost along the way.