Perception Is Everything

Does your customer see your company as you really are? Or does a competitor burst into their mind first? Images help reveal who you are. I would love to help your customers picture you first by placing your company in a visual category all your own. Great photography is one of the most important components […]

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Location, Location, Location

The world has turned and the internet is now your main location. Far from being just a way to connect with your customers, your presence on the web is how customers find you in the first place so you have to be there and stand tall. The web is a highly visual medium and customers […]

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Spotlight on Imagination

Photography is communication on an emotional level. Imagination takes hold when they see themselves with your product. They imagine how your product fits into their life and lets them imagine how it benefits them. Your visual message goes straight into your customers brain so fast that they already know about your product before you say […]

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Focus on Desires

The stronger the desire and closer the message is aligned to your customer’s needs, the more they will examine it. This is true for both conscious and unconscious needs. Visuals speak to your customers and tap deeply into their needs. The beneficial effect of filtering out what does not help them with their desires is […]

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A Clear Explanation

When your customers examine a photograph of your product, they can become experts. Almost as if they already owned it. In the act of analyzing all of the details that are important to them, they store volumes of information in their visual memory. The creation of a highly detailed and persistent memory of your benefits is the […]

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Lasting Perspective

A good image can last a long time as part of your marketing strategy. It is an exclusive asset you can bank on. Once the work of creation has been completed an image can be utilized in various forms of your communications. You can build your own library of images that tell your unique story.

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Truth In Advertising

Honest visuals show your customer that you are intent on helping them with their true wants. When you present your product in an honest and straightforward way you show your customers that you truly care about them and demonstrate that you’re not trying to deceive them. You want them to understand everything about your product […]

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On the Road Again

There exists an angle when you can see a product in its best light where it’s true brilliance shines. It is the one view that best describes what it really is. What it’s made of and what it feels like. It is the view that which shows off the best features and becomes more interesting. […]

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Listen and Respond

Communicating the benefits of your product is much more effective if you base your message on your customers interests and situations. It shows that you’re listening to them. Your message can then be accepted and understood because the visuals reflect the values of the target audience. Identify with them by holding up a mirror but […]

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Fire Brand

If your visual message is off brand your sales may be headed the wrong direction. Every image has the purpose of communicating the vitality of your brand. By respecting your brand your customers will never see anything that dilutes it’s essence. These images of caskets were shot for a catalog that is displayed inside funeral […]

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The Selling of the Sizzle

Displaying quality is one of the most difficult things and your reputation for quality is a very fragile thing. The sizzle – the story of how your product will benefit people – is essential to appealing to your customer’s perception of your company. A photograph can turn a feature into a story and strengthen your […]

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Plan to Finish First

It is always a race to get your message to your customer before a competitor does. Winning takes a focused and dedicated team. After the strategy and goal of the message is determined all of the appropriate elements of the photograph must be assembled and arranged. Successful images are created when you have your goals […]

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Generate Returns

Create images that communicate a clear reason why your customer should come to you. Entertain them, tell a story and describe your offer in detail. The pictures in your advertisements speak directly to your customer in a language they immediately understand.

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Display Character

Sharing who you are is a great way to build a personal relationship to your customer and it is essential because people buy from people they know. When you share who you are your customers can identify and relate to you. This gives them a reason to view your business as a personal relationship and […]

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Purposeful Is Powerful

Faster than the best salesperson, purposeful images have the ability to deliver the precise message to the prospective customer. The purposeful image gives them the information and emotional motivation they need before they make the decision to buy. Marketing is communication and effective communication is the intent of purposeful photography.

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The Visual Relationship

Images and type have a symbiotic relationship. The images take a completely different pathway into your customers perception than the printed words do and that subtle difference allows them to cognitively compare the two. One confirms and defines the other to form a more precise thought. The quilt images are for Nancy Halverson and her […]

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Winter Cityscapes

Most of these are shot on Sunday mornings around 4 AM when the storm has just blown through. Streets are deserted. Much of what falls out of the sky flows away, but just enough is left to coat the trees like sugar. Cold water on the concrete reflects the lights and alters the many colors. […]

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First, Win Their Trust

Who wants to see your advertising? A constant stream of advertising messages are bombarding your customer causing them to be defensive. They know for certain that most advertising cannot be trusted. When the image is routine, people simply tune your message out and your investment in advertising is wasted. Only images that are honest, relevant […]

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Stickyboy’s Transformation

This Sticky Boy video is part of a stage performance at the CTMH 2017 convention. The performance dramatizes the company’s transition from rubber stamps to clear polymer stamps, (which transformed the industry). The character on stage pulls an old stamp block out of his pocket and then the video appears to show the block with […]

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Little One

This quick animation was made to illustrate the Little One paper crafting kit. It was shown online in the ordering section of the company website. It is the last thing the customer sees before she orders. All of the parts were created and exported out of Illustrator.  The individual pieces were then imported into After […]

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Live Beautifully

Promotional video demonstrating a new paper packet and stamp set. The video displays the beauty of the individual products and how they go together to produce original artwork.

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More Than Meets the Eye

Lighting and composition are the narrators and the story is told using only line, shape, form, texture, patterns, and color. Blending together and becoming more than what they are. All the elements combine to represent the how your product sounds, tastes or feels. Invite your customer to add the important details that photography doesn’t actually […]

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